Work together with the design office Silver, where I also have my own working space

Elected to the new Turnip academy started by Hans Naess and Martin Ragnar.

Have participated in the Gastronomical Forum in Nyköping since it started in 2013.

Have worked together with Christina Möller and the Sausage Academy during the Sausage festival in 2014.

Member for many years in Slow Food. Have visited the large Slow Food fair Terra Madre in Turin three times, and the Cheese event in Bra, Piemonte.ässan i bra

Worked as a volunteer during Terra Madre in Jokkmokk in 2011.

Invited as Swedish delegate to the international ParaBere Forum, founded in March 2015 in Bilbao.

Take part in the Matsalongen network, founded by Carro Tallving and Kraftkvinnor i köket (Strong women in the kitchen), founded by Lisa Förare Winbladh. tallving/ forare